DSI Teaching Program

We mirror our research focus in our course offerings that center around our two IISM departments mapping into KSRI labs. Thus, we support both Informations Systems specialications at IISM as well as interdisciplinary Digital Service Systems programs within KSRI. Multiple modules enable meaningful combinations with other IISM and KSRI offerings.

Overview of Courses and Modules offered by DSI




Course offerings are embedded in following Modules 

Fundamentals of Digital Service Systems [M-WIWI-102752]

Information Systems & Digital Business: Platforms [M-WIWI-104912]

Information Systems & Digital Business: Servitization [M-WIWI-104913]

eBusiness und Service Management [M-WIWI-101434]

Vertiefung im Customer Relationship Management [M-WIWI-101422]

Team Project Managemet and Technology [M-WIWI-105440]

Team Project Managemet and Technology (BUS/ENG) [M-WIWI-105447]

Service Management [M-WIWI-101448]

Service Analytics [M-WIWI-101506]

Digital Service Systems in Industry [M-WIWI-102808]

Data Science: Intelligent, Adaptive, and Learning Information Services [M-WIWI-105661]

Data Science: Data-Driven Information Systems [M-WIWI-103117]

Service Design Thinking [M-WIWI-101503]

Business & Service Engineering [M-WIWI-101410]

Service Innovation, Design & Engineering [M-WIWI-102806]

Service Economics and Management [M-WIWI-102754]

Information Systems: Analytical and Interactive Systems [M-WIWI-104814]

Information Systems: Internet-based Markets and Services [M-WIWI-104813]

Courses Summer Term 2024
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Past Courses Winter Term 2023
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