Credit for academic work - ECTS Approval

Approval of Credits from Study Abroad Programmes in Service Economics and Management, Service Analytics, Service Innovation, Design & Engineering  and Service Management

Students of the programmes Service Economics and Management, Service Analytics, Service Innovation, Design & Engineering and Service Management have the possibility to receive credit for courses they attended at the host institution during their exchange program. The courses can be counted toward our IISM/KSRI modules. Hence, courses that are offered by the IISM/KSRI can be replaced. Please consider that the courses cannot be counted as a "Special Topic". More general information is also provided by the Business & Economics faculty.  

Please take into account that you have to contact the respective examiner for approval of courses, which shall be counted toward IISM/KSRI modules that are offered by other institutes. In addition, the International Relations office  is responsible for the approval of credits in Double Master programs.

Prior to Your Study Abroad Programme

In order to receive credit, you need to agree in advance on your courses by using the form "Examination plan agreement for the approval of diploma examination requirements" . Please make sure that you fill in all of the required fields. In order to receive a first evaluation, you need to present a detailed course description as well as a course summary (3-10 pages) including a complete list of literature. Please consider that the first approval is optional, and that only the approval after completion of your study abroad programme is legally binding. You need to inform the IISM/KSRI about any deviations from the examination agreement due to changes at your host institution in order to guarantee a new approval of your courses.

Further steps:

  • The course description including all relevant documents as well as the form need to be forwarded to 
  • It is checked with the respective lecturer or examiner whether you can receive credit for the course. If necessary, the approval is discussed within the scope of Prof. Satzger’s consultation hour.
  • In case of positive evaluation, the student receives the original document of the examination agreement. A copy of the agreement is deposited at the institute.


After Your Study Abroad Programme

Please consider the following process in order to guarantee a consistent and rapid processing of the approval:

  • Please download the document  for credit approval from the School of Economics and Business Engineering website  and fill out the required fields (all fields except for "Begutachtung zur Äquivalenzfeststellung für die Leistung"1 and "Stellungnahme").
  • Please present a copy, as well as the original document, of the transcript of records as proof of your courses at the host institution.
  • Please also submit a hard copy of your course materials.
  • Please hand in the transcript of records, the document for credit approval, and the hard copy of the course materials at the secretary’s office. You need to arrange an appointment with the secretary’s office in order to meet with Prof. Dr. Satzger. The documents need to be handed in not later than one week prior to the appointment with Prof. Dr. Satzger.
  • If the outcome of your meeting with Prof. Satzger is positive, the documents are forwarded to the examination office (except for the hard copy of the course materials).
  • The examination office carries out the counting of your credits.

The following documents are required for credit approval:

  • Completed document for credit approval,
  • Original document and copy of your transcript of records,
  • Hard copy of your course materials,
  • Latest transcript of records from KIT.

The credit approval process is identical for bachelor, master, as well as diploma students of the study programmes Information Engineering and Management and Business Engineering.

Please consider that each course within the scope of a study abroad programme is only approved under the condition of a possible oral examination carried out by examiners from IISM/KSRI, if found necessary. In case of doubt, the expertise with regard to the courses has to be demonstrated in an oral examination at the IISM/KSRI. The necessity of such an examination is individually assessed for each approval request.

Approval of additional credits in the study programmes Information Engineering and Management and Business Engineering

Additional credits (e.g. seminar paper) can only be counted toward the diploma programmes. As long as it is not permitted by the module handbook, additional credits cannot be counted toward the bachelor’s and master’s programmes.

  • Students of the study programme Information Engineering and Management: Please download the form from the School of Economics and Business Engineering website  and fill out the required fields.
    Students of the study programme Business Engineering: You don’t have to fill out a form. Just contact the examiner in charge.
  • Please forward the form, the seminar credits, and the latest transcript of records with all relevant subjects of the module to the examiner.
  • Please highlight the courses for credit in colour.
  • The examiner can approve the credits by signature.
  • The form, the transcript of records, and the seminar credits are forwarded to the examination office.
  • The examination board decides on the approval of credits.