Data Sharing & Data Trading


A variety of industries observe and foster the creation of a growing amount of data. Throughout the creation and operation of new data-driven business solutions, data serves as the main resource for innovation and value creation. Therefore, data is widely acknowledged as an asset that entails a certain business value. However, to successfully exploit the potential of data-based innovation, organizations often need to get access to complementary (external) data assets and, therefore, engage in data sharing initiatives.

Together with industry partner BASF SE, this research project aims to advance the understanding of data sharing as a means towards collaborative data-based service provisioning and as a base for joint value creation. In particular, the project provides guidelines for organizational transformation towards data sharing and evaluate barriers and drivers for participation in (inter-)organizational data sharing initiatives.




01.11.2021 – 30.04.2025



Involved DSI Researchers

Marcel Fassnacht


Conference Papers
Barriers to Data Sharing among Private Sector Organizations
Fassnacht, M. K.; Benz, C.; Heinz, D.; Leimstoll, J.; Satzger, G.
2023. Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences (HICSS-56)
Conference Papers
Why Should I Share? Exploring Benefits of Open Data for Private Sector Organizations
Enders, T.; Satzger, G.; Fassnacht, M. K.; Wolff, C.
2022. PACIS 2022 proceedings : AI-IS-ASIA (artificial intelligence, information systems, in Pacific Asia), AIS eLibrary (AISeL)