Data Understanding


In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, data is the cornerstone of innovation, driving value across many industries. While its significance as a valuable asset is universally recognized as data continues to proliferate, organizations still struggle to harness its full potential.  This project aims to empower both individuals and organizations by enhancing their understanding of datasets, unlocking tangible benefits in the real-world.

In collaboration with Bayer AG, the project covers the complete data lifecycle - from generating metadata and fostering dataset understanding to final data transformation. The ultimate objective is to streamline data-driven decision-making by enhancing dataset understanding. This initiative falls under the scope of data-centric AI, emphasizing the significance of data not only as an input but a central entity to leverage the data's inherent value.


Bayer AG


07.2022 – 06.2025


Bayer AG

Involved DSI Researchers

Joshua Holstein


Conference Papers
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Journal Articles
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Conference Papers
On the Perception of Difficulty: Differences between Humans and AI
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