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The rapidly increasing availability of vast amounts of data gives companies the opportunity to develop new service offerings based on "Big Data". For German SMEs, this poses the specific question of how they can leverage Big Data to expand their service portfolio with data-based services in order to create added value for existing and potential customers. The "BigDieMo" project, launched on 1 October 2015 and funded by the BMBF, answers this question by pursuing the development of a methodological toolkit for the design of data-based services.and systematic development of novel data-based services – aiming to enalbe them to systematically develop novel data-based services on their own.

The project approaches this objective in four main steps:

  • Identification of current data-based services and development of a framework for the existing models.
  • Survey of innovation needs in companies through interviews and workshops.
  • Development and piloting of a toolbox consisting of methods and tools for the design of data-based business models.
  • Embedding of the developed toolkit into a workshop concept that follows the design thinking approach.




01.10.2015 – 30.04.2020



FAU Universität Hamburg FESTO Cyberforum




Involved DSI Researchers

Fabian Hunke (Project Lead)

Stefan Seebacher

Laura Kienzle

Dr. Niels Feldmann

Daniel Heinz


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