Johannes Jakubik, M.Sc.

Johannes Jakubik, M.Sc.


Johannes is a Ph.D. student at the Applied AI in Services Lab within the Institute of Information Systems and Marketing (IISM) and the Karlsruhe Service Research Institute (KSRI). His interests include:

  •  Applied deep learning
  •  Foundation models
  •  Uncertainty quantification
  •  Data-centric AI
  •  Human-centered artificial intelligence 

Please feel free to reach out if you are interested in writing a bachelor's or master's thesis on one of these topics.

Curriculum Vitae

Johannes graduated from KIT with a bachelor’s and a master’s degree with a focus on machine learning, statistics, and optimization. During his master’s degree, he studied Information Systems and Computer Engineering at the Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon, Portugal. He authored his thesis at ETH Zurich at the Chair of Management Information Systems. Throughout his master's studies, Johannes worked on real-world machine learning implementations (e.g., computer vision, speech recognition, named entity recognition) during internships at Porsche Motorsport, d-fine, and EnBW AG. At the beginning of his Ph.D. program, he worked as an Affiliated Research Member at ETH Zurich, where he researched emotion dynamics on social media. In October 2022, Johannes joined IBM Research as a Visiting Researcher and since then has been working on geospatial foundation models and the segmentation of natural hazards on satellite images. Johannes is part of a research collaboration between IBM Research and NASA, where he is responsible for fine-tuning geospatial foundation models to downstream applications.


Book Chapters
An Empirical Evaluation of Predicted Outcomes as Explanations in Human-AI Decision-Making
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Conference Papers
On the Interdependence of Reliance Behavior and Accuracy in AI-Assisted Decision-Making
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Improving the Efficiency of Human-in-the-Loop Systems: Adding Artificial to Human Experts
Jakubik, J.; Weber, D.; Hemmer, P.; Vössing, M.; Satzger, G.
2023. Proceedings of the International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik, 18th - 21st Sept 2023, Paderborn
Learning to Defer with Limited Expert Predictions
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Journal Articles
Incorporating financial news for forecasting Bitcoin prices based on long short-term memory networks
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Data‐driven allocation of development aid towards Sustainable Development Goals: Evidence from HIV/AIDS
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Conference Papers
Forming Effective Human-AI Teams: Building Machine Learning Models that Complement the Capabilities of Multiple Experts
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Instance Selection Mechanisms for Human-in-the-Loop Systems in Few-Shot Learning
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Designing a Human-in-the-Loop System for Object Detection in Floor Plans
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Data-centric Artificial Intelligence
Jakubik, J.; Vössing, M.; Kühl, N.; Walk, J.; Satzger, G.
Journal Articles
Directed particle swarm optimization with Gaussian-process-based function forecasting
Jakubik, J.; Binding, A.; Feuerriegel, S.
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Journal Articles
Reinforcement learning for opportunistic maintenance optimization
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2019. Production Engineering, 13 (1), 33–41. doi:10.1007/s11740-018-0855-7