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Templates for seminar papers and theses

The following templates are intended to be of assistance for seminar papers and theses. They should not be seen as a binding specification but as an impulse and proposal for a clear structure and easy-to-read layout. Alternative forms of presentation and citation are also feasible.

Docx: Word-Template for Theses German (.docx)

LaTex: TeX-Template for Theses (.zip)

PPTX: Power-Point-Template for KSRI/IISM Presentations (.pptx)

Poster: Power-Point-Template for KSRI/IISM Poster Presentations (.pptx)


Please note that some declarations must be included in German (especially the "Erklärung zur Diplon-/Bachelor-/Materarbeit"), regardless of the language used for the actual paper or thesis.


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