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All startups originating from team members and/or coached by DSI/ KSRI (EXIST).




Wind turbines supply climate-neutral electricity. However, when they have reached their end of life, rotor blades are often shredded and incinerated or wind up in landfills; neither alternative provides an ecological way to dispose of the millions of tons of rotor blade waste that will be generated in the coming years. Bladesign's goal is to recycle them sustainably and to break new ground in design. The start-up works closely together with people from art, architecture, and product design. Thereby, Bladesign creates futuristic lamps, shelves, tables and raised beds, which breathe new life into the wind turbine blades.


“The KSRI/DSI coaching team not only supported us during the time of the Design Thinking course, but also helped us to advance the developed concept to the point of founding a real company"



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Fabrice Bickel 


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Dr. Niels Feldmann 

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Mankido offers intelligent customer loyalty solutions and automates marketing for more than 1.000 local businesses. We ensure that 500,000+ users are rewarded for their loyalty at their favorite stores. Since the beginning of 2019, we have been placing a special focus on insourcing and vertical integration. We are thus expanding our product range to include digital contract signature solutions, mobile device management and social media as a service. We are looking for young professionals who support our vision with their skillset and experience.  



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Jan Scheurenbrand

 jan∂mankido de

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Dr. Niklas Kühl

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 kuehl∂kit edu






As a young IT start-up, we are working on an innovative cloud solution for intelligent and demand-oriented personnel planning. We have set ourselves the goal of revolutionising the catering industry with the help of IT supported by artificial intelligence. Our software enables our customers to optimize their staff utilization on the basis of automatic and well-founded demand forecasts and to increase their planning reliability. With the help of Nesto, restaurateurs can analyse their turnover in real time. By analysing current sales in real time and providing an updated forecast, they can react to unforeseen events with lightning speed. In addition, we offer the possibility of recording working hours and managing employee data using our e-file.



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Felix Kaiser


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Michael Vössing

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 michael.voessing∂kit edu







prenode is a spin-off from research that brings innovative AI technology to companies that want to enrich their products with AI-based features (e.g. forecast models, automation, predictive maintenance). prenode’s solution enables companies to develop, manage and deploy machine learning models on decentralized, cross-company systems. This enables companies to scale AI-based features across multiple customers by reducing the individual development and implementation time as well as increasing the performance of the machine learning models. prenode’s technology also ensures data privacy and security because individual customer data is not shared or centralized.

CyberChampions Award 2020: Vote online now and help prenode to become CyberChampions! 


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Dr. Robin Hirt


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Dr. Ronny Schüritz 








Larger hotels and chains spend a lot of money on getting their room prices right. They hire full-time revenue managers using complex software to optimize their prices multiple times a day. Smaller hotels with static pricing struggle to compete in these increasingly dynamic markets, always being either too cheap or too expensive. RoomPriceGenie offers a very simple solution which doesn’t require any revenue management experience, increasing their revenue by up to 20%. The simplicity for the user is achieved by a highly automated product and a smart machine learning algorithm in the background, optimizing their prices multiple times a day based on thousands of data points.



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Jörg Siegel

 +49 176 61789677
 joerg∂roompricegenie com

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Michael Vössing

 +49 721 608-45624
 michael.voessing∂kit edu