Thesis Projects

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We appreciate your interest in our topics, whether it is specific or general. In case of general interest in writing a bachelor or master thesis at our chair (i.e., not directly related to any of the topics offered below), please contact thesis-hiwi∂ We will process your inquiry and get back to you as soon as possible. In case you are interested in one of the topics listed below, please contact the respective supervisor directly. 

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DSI Thesis Process


Step 1: Find Thesis-Topic

The first step in the preparation of a thesis is to answer the following question:

“Which topic would I like to work on in my thesis?”

If you decide to work on a thesis at DSI-IISM under the mentioned conditions, there are several ways of finding a topic.

  1. Proposed Topic: You visit our site to be introduced to the current topics of the institute with the associated supervisor.
  2. Own Topic Suggestion: You have your own suggestions for an interesting topic and have already written a short exposé of the desired thesis topic. Please ensure that your topic of interest is grounded in at least one of the DSI-IISM research departments.
  3. Thesis in Cooperation with a Company: You would like to write a thesis in cooperation with a company and have already received their commitment. Please ensure that your topic of interest is grounded in at least one of the DSI-IISM research departments.


Step 2: Getting in touch with us and defining the topic

Depending whether you want to pursue a proposed thesis topic, propose an individual topic or write your thesis in cooperation with a company, please contact us as described below:

  1. Proposed Topic: Please contact the supervisor directly.

  2. Own Topic Suggestion or Thesis in Cooperation with a Company: Please send an email to thesis-hiwi∂ with a description of the idea in the form of an exposé. Based on your expose we will try to find the most suitable supervisor within our team. Please do not contact research associates individually.

Please include your CV as well as your transcript of records in your email. Since we process each thesis proposal individually please understand that a reply may take up to two weeks. In case we have not replied within two weeks please send us a short reminder.


Step 3: Exposé

You have decided on a topic, found a supervisor and existing questions have been resolved. The next step on the way to your final paper is to create the final paper by informing the supervisor of your decision. The first task is to create a short exposé and outline (2-3 pages). By submitting these documents, you should prove that you have dealt with the problem sufficiently mentally. This means that you have anticipated the processing of the entire task in the necessary depth and have made the necessary decisions regarding the methods and procedures.


Step 4: Registration

Once the topic has been identified and you reach an agreement with your supervisor, we register your thesis with the faculty and the examination office. To simplify the process, we ask you to fill out the following form at the WiWi-Portal:

Note that the provided title is a working title and may be changed at a later point in time. The expected start date, however, will be submitted to the examination office and indicate the official start time of your thesis project and impact your submission deadline accordingly.


Step 5: Work on your thesis

After registering your thesis with the Examination Office, the official processing time of your thesis begins. Depending on your degree, you may have three or six months.

Whilst working on your thesis, we expect your participation at our student colloquiums. In those we being all students currently working on their thesis at DSI-IISM together to talk about their thesis projects. The colloquium has two formats:

  1. Intermediate Presentation: Any student writing his thesis at DSI-IISM is expected to give an intermediate presentation roughly halfway through the thesis project. The intermediate presentation is in the form of a pitch and poster session, i.e. you shortly pitch your thesis topic followed by a poster presentation.
  2. Final Presentation: Only Master students are expected to give a 20 minutes final presentation of their thesis project.

Colloquiums are on Wednesday mornings and roughly once a month. Note that we do expect your participation even if you are not presenting.



Step 6: Submitting your final thesis

Once finished or with the end of your processing time, you have to submit your final thesis to DSI-IISM. Note that you have to do the following:

  1. You have to submit a digital and one bound copy of your thesis
  2. The thesis as well as the presentation in electronic form (please as pdf, as well as depending on the format as LaTeX, Word, Powerpoint, ... )
  3. all documents important for the result (Excel files, simulation models, literature, etc.)
  4. a OnePager (i.e. one slide) summarizing your work (speak to your supervisor for further details)
  5. Your thesis must include the “Selbstständigkeitserklärung” as stated in the Modulhandbuch

Please provide 1) to the DSI-IISM secretary and 2)-4) to your supervisor in an electronic form.