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In German industry, there is a fundamental change in the creation of value from products to services. Novel business models are in demand that require German SMEs to leverage and market their internal service knowledge.

However, the necessary service knowledge about industrial plants and machinery exceeds the knowledge of individual service technicians and in some cases even of the companies. Along with the shortage of skilled workers, German SMEs will face an enormous challenge in the coming years to secure their lead in the provision of services.

In order to support the German SMEss, Service-Meister will develop an AI-based cross-departmental and cross-company service platform.

An important subgoal is to enable less trained specialists for complex services with the help of digital advisors such as AI-based Service-Bots and Smart Services. As a second subgoal, the provision of digitalized service knowledge on a platform should enable cross-company scalability of services. This creates a service ecosystem that counteracts the shortage of skilled workers in Germany and makes German SMEs competitive in the long term—within the German and global market.


Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi)






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